Blossom harnesses the power of suction to send air pulses through the entire cliteral structue. Thats right, over 10,000 nerve endings will be stimulated with a suction vibe, crazy right?

Violet is a precision vibe. She uses the power of vibration to stimulate the clitoris, and can also be used for internal stimulation as well. She is ultra-flexible which is perfect for partnered and solo sessions.

We reccomend cleaning your vibe before and after every use. You can use some mild soap and water to clean your vibe.

*When cleaning your Blossom, be mindful to not get the charging port wet as this can stop your vibe from working.

First things first, ensure your new BFF is fully charged and not attached to the charging cable before turning on. Locate the power button on the device and hold the button down for 3 seconds.

  • Hell no! Battery operated vibrators are so early 2000s. All O Blooms vibes come with a USB charging cable. No need to worry about that awkward midnight hunt for batteries (yes, we have all been there).

You can have full trust that your O Blooms vibes will come in the plainest box possible. It’s what’s on the inside that counts right?

Of course! We will send the shipping details to your email when your order has been dispatched.

Both Blossom and Violet are perfect for newbies! It can be overwhelming choosing your first vibe, I totally get that. A lot of newbies tent to opt for Violet, as she more of your traditional style vibrator.

Have no fear, you can repurchase a new charger here.