By Georgia Seymour-Smith

How to Relieve Period Pain

Hey uterus owner! As someone who has always experienced painful periods I feel like I’m the ~unofficial expert~ on relieving period pain. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 20 years old. It’s been such a journey understanding how to take care of my body when I’m on my period. My number one tip is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If distracting yourself by going out with friends feels right for you, do it. If lying in bed all day long with your heat pack and that TV show you’ve already watched a thousand times feels right for you, do it. But, let’s talk about actionable things you can try to help relieve period pain. 
 Girl on couch with period pain
Wheat Bags 
Ahhh the wheat bag. My one true love. Always by my side when I’m on my period (seriously, I take this thing EVERYWHERE with me). Putting any form of heat on your lower stomach can help relieve tension, improve blood flow and relax your muscles
Over-the-Counter Medicines
Anti-inflammatory medicine is a great way to relieve period pain. Your uterus is literally contracting to shed its lining when you’re on your period and it can cause a lot of inflammation. Over-the-counter medicine, like ibuprofen, can help settle that inflammation. 
Essential Oils Massage
This is something I love to do. Essential oils like lavender, rose and peppermint have all had promising studies conducted on them linking them to reducing menstrual pain. Taking a little moment just for myself to massage my tummy and back with essential oils just feels a little luxurious to me. These moments of self-care help me destress which can also help with period pain. 
Having an Orgasm 
You know me. I think an orgasm can solve just about every problem in life 😂But, hear me out- the science backs me up. Did you know that vaginal orgasms stimulate your whole body? An orgasm can trigger your brain to release neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals can help decrease the perception of pain. Pretty cool, right?
 two girls holding O Blooms vibrators, Blossom and Violet
I know, I know. A lot of the time the last thing I want to do when I have bad period pain is hit the gym. And if your body is telling you ‘NO WAY!’ listen to it. Don’t push yourself harder than you need. But, just like an orgasm, exercise releases endorphins. These feel-good chemicals can help release muscle tension and make your brain less sensitive to the pain. If I wake up with period pain, the first thing I do is some light yoga or stretching to get those endorphins going. 
girl at gym lifting weight
Period pain sucks. Mild and temporary pain is normal, but if you start to experience high, ongoing pain, I really recommend speaking to a doctor you trust. It may be due to something other than regular period pain. And the sooner you can address anything which may not be right, the more effective treatments will be. 
If you have a go-to period pain treatment, I wanna hear about it! Let me know your ‘cure all’ in the comments.



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